TOLES Advanced Syllabus(2016)



Advanced Syllabus


‘We invested a lot of time in researching the training needs of law firms in the emerging economies; China, Brazil, and India. They told us repeatedly that what lawyers in those rapidly-developing markets need very urgently is English language training as part of the development of real skills such as contract drafting, negotiating and client care. When we spoke to local law firms who were successful in developing skills, two words of recommendation came up time and time again: ‘TOLES Advanced’.’
Project Manager, legal training company, London.


About the TOLES Advanced Syllabus


The major aim of the Advanced Exam is to equip lawyers who do not have English as a first language with the skills they need to work in a modern commercial legal environment at the very highest level. The training for TOLES Advanced together is the final step in our programme in achieving the standard employers require.




The focus of all of the TOLES exams is absolute accuracy, a strong legal vocabulary and familiarisation with modern legal style. All of these elements come together at the highest level with this Stage 3 exam. The priority of the TOLES Advanced Exam is to give learners an opportunity to genuinely test themselves at the most challenging level possible and to provide employers with a certificate they can trust.




The TOLES Advanced Exam requires little or no knowledge of British or American law but learners who do well at this level usually have a strong awareness of commercial realities when dealing with the UK and the USA. Commercial awareness is an essential skill when it comes to scoring well in the TOLES Advanced Exam and some background reading and knowledge of current events in the international legal market is vital. Extra material on best practice in the profession in key areas is highly recommended. The exam requires knowledge of essential, international legal terminology, a mastery of complex grammar and complete sensitivity to use of register in the following general areas:

· basic legal negotiations

· pre-contractual documents

· commercial contracts

· banking

· companies

· other forms of business

· bankruptcy and insolvency

· employment law and contracts

· the litigation process

· essential contract law

· the law of tort

· intellectual property

· real estate

· oral contracts

· an introduction to the common law

· letter writing skills

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